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June 20, 2012
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Okay so time for an official contest! :)
I've decided to allow for multiple OCs to be in play for the contest. Most aren't in here due to their design not being updated in a new ref yet.




11/20/12 (NOVEMBER 20th, 2012, 12:00 AM ARIZONA TIME) PLENTY OF TIME!!!!
Judging will take at least a week and prizes distributed at the artist's pace.


-Draw ONLY the OCs posted HERE
-PROVIDE a link back to this contest in your description
-You MUST include a background
-ONLY two entries per person are allowed
-PLEASE follow the description of the characters to the best of your ability to draw them in their correct personality
-Put EFFORT into your entries, I will be able to tell!!!


:iconcapukat: :iconawkwaard: :iconmagicpawed:
:iconvelvetfoxxy: :iconmarangai: :iconflashfireblue: :iconchoco-bit:

Characters to be drawn *more might be added in time* WITH BACKGROUND and effort
:bulletyellow:Crane: Huli by Capukat (Very observant, caring, selfless, loves the forest/bamboo)
:bulletyellow:Capu: Capu [outdated] by Capukat *The BACK of his EARS is dark brown*(loves coffee, starbucks//urban backgrounds)
:bulletyellow:Winter: Winter by Capukat *better reference coming soon*(she's ME, loves winter season, cold)
:bulletyellow:Alice: Alice by Capukat (in absence of description on ref, she's specializes in medicine and is a nurse. Very caring)
:bulletyellow:Vulpes: Vulpes by Capukat (was taken over by a fire spirit, thus burning down her home and family/quiet and sad)
:bulletyellow:Sally: Sally by Capukat (loves selling sea things/shells, very bouncy and cheerful)
:bulletyellow:Akaina: Akaina by Capukat (loves running/hunting)
:bulletyellow:Spaila: Spaila by Capukat (a very mysterious character, she's into magic, and is BLIND)
:bulletyellow: Heron: Heron by Capukat (although old, he's actually in his youth for his species, yet still very wise)
:bulletyellow: Artelis: *updated reference coming soon* (Very sassy and haughty yet a motherly figure to all)
:bulletyellow: Echo:Echo by Capukat (very strong, and of a good build, he has soft fur though eue)
:bulletyellow: Arcadia: Arcadia by Capukat (doesn't speak much at all, loves to hide among foliage, likes to fly above the clouds)
:bulletyellow: Ryunn: *ref coming soon* (A very old and wise character, she controls fire and electricity, a very strong flyer)
:bulletyellow: Whisper: Whisper by Capukat (Wishful and whimsical, she collects dandelions)
:bulletyellow: Yin *ref coming soon* (A quick and agile warrior, her movements are fast and precise, she uses a fan as her weapon)
:bulletyellow: Genesis Aren by Capukat (Description on ref) :new:
:bulletyellow: Sky Sky by Capukat (Loves stargazing, very childish, more info on ref) :new:
:new::bulletyellow: Yin Yin by Capukat (A fighter at heart, she's skilled with fans as weapons, but knows how to use her looks as a weapon too. Inside, she's just a kind and lost soul though)
:new: :bulletyellow: Elain & Ted Elain and Ted by Capukat (full description on ref)
:new: :bulletyellow: Rudy Rudy by Capukat (full description on ref)
:new: :bulletyellow: Zala Zala by Capukat (mysterious sorceress type of character, she's powerful yet keeps to herself)
:new: :bulletyellow: Okat Okat by Capukat (full description on ref)

:star: PRIZES :star:

1rst place:
-1 month PM (can be exchanged for point value)
-400 points
-Full background digital portrait by me
-A pixel icon of your OC of choice (simple animation/no animation)
-A complex OC design of any existing or original species by me
-A small or medium pixel, and 1 full picture with up to 3 characters  from datpanda
-A full body piece by xCoyote
-A digital portrait and journal doll/icon from jazzyminimomo
-A fully shaded drawing with a complicated background from klilia
-Full color, shaded, complex BG, digital picture from LillytalonEpicness
-Fully shaded drawing with complex background from xMizuOkami

2nd place:
-300 points
-Simple background portrait by me
-Simple design by me
-A small or medium pixel, 1 picture with simple background, up to 2 characters from datpanda
-2 chibis by xCoyote
-journal doll/icon from jazzyminimomo
-A fully shaded drawing with a simple background from klilia
-Simple portrait, shading from LillytalonEpicness
-:new:Full character with background by Plinthe

3rd place:
-200 points
-No background portrait by me
-a small or medium pixel, 1 picture with no background, 1 character from datpanda
-A chibi by xCoyote
-An unshaded drawing with a simple background from klilia
-Flat color, no shading, transparent BG from LillytalonEpicness
-:new: flat color no shading no bg of a wolf cat or person by HALL0WED-GR0UND
YOU may only enter with TWO ENTRIES MAX
:star:If I reach 50 entries, an additional 100 :points: is added to 1rst AND 2nd place!
:star:If I reach 100 entries,  I will add another 100 :points: to ALL the places and 1 infant chibi for each one.
:star: If I reach 150 entries, ALL of the above is included PLUS an hour long private stream with only us able to chat and I'll draw you anything you'll like in that time 8D (I will not extend time to finish art) will be added to first place

:star:FEATURE:star: this in a journal with a link back to win an EXTRA 50 :points: comment with a link back to your journal and 3 lucky deviants will be chosen~!!!

There will be 5 honorable mentions who will win 50 :points: each!!!

*Contributions NO LONGER accepted! I've had so many already but I'm afraid the list will overflow X33 thank you!! I might add more characters as I go but for now this is it! C: Have fun <3* :heart: :D

-you can put as many OCs as you want in the picture AS LONG as they stay in character (keep background in mind)
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Mindy-cupcake Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
oh erm
if you still need help with the prizes i could maybe help out : o
xauvi Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The contest ended a month ago..
Mindy-cupcake Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
yeah i know
i'm not stupid
xauvi Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No need to be snippy. Just making sure.
Ioups Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
um sorry for asking but... have you announced the winners yet? sorry :iconglomp2plz:
Toxic-Containment Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Have you annonced winners yet for this>? i only wondering, no pushing at all. Actually im even sorry for askingg, XD
Bluemoon9628 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
Just asking but when is the judging going to be finished its just that I might be going away for a few days and I want to be there for the results
Capukat Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012   General Artist
ah probably this weekend ^^
Bluemoon9628 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
Ok that's good
XxSoaringHeartxX Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Student General Artist
Ermm.... Who won..? :U
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