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December 23, 2012
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Tainted Purity by Capukat Tainted Purity by Capukat


EDIT: xD This is my first polar bear and I had no background on a lot of the anatomical errors I made so I apologize but I know my errors! Haha ^-^;
*Also, for those who see this deviation any time before New Years of 2013- January 1, 2013- well know that if you submit your very own awareness art of polar bears during this month of December, then you are in for a chance at a month-long feature of your awareness work! :heart: So hurry for this chance!*
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There are only 20,000-25,000 of these bears left in the wild...

And even fewer numbers as time passes

The Polar Ice Caps have been melting faster than anyone's anticipated in the past decade alone. This threatens many species of animals that live in the poles. Exactly how fast are they melting? Click to find out

One of the unfortunate list of animals who's existence is threatened is the Polar Bear. Although many might not give a second thought when looking at these animals, as formidable and threatening they may seem on the small scale compared to us, there numbers grow small in the big picture as their homelands wash away into the sea...

It might be hard to imagine a world without a particular species but this popular bear known for its white coloration and impressive size might just be one of those animals who centuries or even decades later, might not be around for future generations to see...

Main Threats
:bulletred: The melting ice caps have posed a threat to polar bears for many years now. Since this is a huge issue not many of us can directly contribute to fixing, it's also something that poses as a potential problem not easily corrected in the time needed to save the dying animals who are directly affected by them.

How You can Help
:bulletgreen: Going green is the easiest way for many- and most- people! From flipping the light switches off when you're not using them to conserving water when brushing your teeth and making sure to not let it just run while not in use- helping can be as easy as that! Because it's the unnatural resources we use that ultimately burn all the fossil fuels causing global warming!
:bulletgreen: There are countless organizations that help with animals like the Polar Bear! Whether you're old enough to work in the field or not, it's always great to learn more about them!

Polar Bears on Wikipedia
Polar Bears on National Geographic
Polar Bears on WWF
Various Other Informational Sites:

Want to save these animals?
Join #AnimalAwareness to show your support for saving endangered and abused animals and contribute to our galleries to spread the awareness!

Picture Symbolism & Description:
Well haha I definitely spent a while making this and I do quite like the outcome though I'm not fully satisfied at hte final execution of the background and such but overall the concept I believe turned out the way I liked it to! The back part of the bear is meant to symbolize a sort of 'melting away' as its right foot has a chunk of it missing because I purposely made its hindquarters composed of well, glaciers in a sense. The front of the bear is meant to represent what we see and also what's slowly sapping out of the animal itself as a species- it's life. As for the 'stepping out' of the frame. Well, let's just say their fate is in our hands and they're doing their best at calling out for us and it is now our choice at what we can and will do to help.

|Other works by me|

Art © Capukat|Me
Wacom Bamboo Capture CTH 470
SAI: 6 hours
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TheColdSoul1888 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
A stunning piece! It really did bring a tear to my eye, :( It just makes me so sad to think of how much trouble these guys are in :pray: I believe has the power to open peoples eyes and inspired them to do something! Best of luck for future pieces. :huggle:
Capukat Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014   General Artist
Late reply sorry!
But thank you very much :hug:
TheColdSoul1888 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
No worries, and it was my pleasure! :D
XessyonLinok Featured By Owner May 29, 2013
Melting ice caps is bullshit.
That stopped years ago.
-hides in a corner-
Ima die now arent I? ;u;
Capukat Featured By Owner May 29, 2013   General Artist
xD If you really think that then you might want to look again, even in the coastal areas I've lived in, sea levels have continuously been rising
XessyonLinok Featured By Owner May 30, 2013
Where I live, its been getting colder for a few years now.
Blame pole reversal?
whuh Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013
it even says in the article linked in the description: "In the huge area of East Antartica, the ice is mostly above sea level, Shepherd explains. The air temperature is also much lower, and the experts do not expect the ice to melt on account of rising temperatures. In this part of Antarctica, the ice sheet is actually growing as a consequence of increased snowfall. This has led some critics to question the global warming theory. However for Shepherd and his colleagues, the changes are all consistent with patterns of climate warming, which leads to more evaporation from the oceans and in turn more precipitation, which falls as snow on the ice sheets."

it's not bullshit. it's scientifically proven. we are killing our world.
XessyonLinok Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013
I know we are killing it :iconmanfaceplz:
whuh Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
then what makes you think the ice caps aren't melting? :P
XessyonLinok Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
Because it has been proven that they stopped melting years ago....
Though almost no one knows about it, because the government had bought the shitloads of A/Cs at the time it was announced that global warming had ceased some years back. And they shut down all the scientists who came up with the idea :I
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