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December 1, 2012
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The way he tossed his golden-blonde hair to the side and the
gleam in his perfect, gray eyes. He knew what I desired for when he looked at
me. I knew he knew.

The way his tan, lean, strong body glowed under the sun.

The half smile he had plastered on his mouth.

The slight mischief playing in the light of his face.

With but the slightest of a wink, he had me and I felt my
legs grow weak.

I was nudged back into reality by Josh, my best friend of 7
years now ever since I first spilled that chocolate milk all over his white tee
back in 8th grade. We still joke about how his shirt still smells
like it.

As I was snapping out of my dreamy state, I see a slight
eyebrow raise and that oh so perfected, closed in face.

“What?,” I flash a quick smile at him, “Taylor’s hot.” Another
eyebrow raise.

I shoved his chest with both hands and threw back my head,
laughing, “You know you want a bromance with him!”

At that, he laughs too and we walk to the table we always
sit at for lunch. I unzipped my backpack and took out a sandwich I made this
morning while plopping myself down on the bench. He takes his usual seat across
from me and whips out his food for thought , literally; It’s his English essay
rough draft.

“Not gonna eat anythin’ Joshy?” I mumbled through a mouthful
of peanut butter and jelly.  

“Nope, college English finals paper versus my soggy
sandwich? No brainer,” he didn’t look up from his paper. Curious, I decided to
ask, “Sooo, what’s the topic?”

“Stuff,” he grinned.

“Stuff as in ‘stuff you will never know about Samantha’, or
stuff as in the-latest-josh-secrets”, it was my turn to raise an eyebrow.

“Stuff you wouldn’t know about if you begged me on your
knees making puppy-dog eyes”, he stared intently at the paper. Some of his hair
fell into his eyes. Typical. He probably rolled out of bed and ran out the door
without bothering to do anything to that brown mess on his head.

“Alright,” I sighed, I knew well enough not to bug him when
he was doing his homework. Straight-A Josh will be straight-A Josh, what can I


The bell rang and we quickly packed our stuff to head our
separate ways into our next class. I punched him in the arm before giving him a
small smirk as I waved goodbye. I ran up the stairs, two steps at a time.

Class dragged on as Ms. Logan lectured on about some
inaudible calculus lesson in that monotone voice of hers. I think I might’ve
fallen asleep, though I really can’t blame myself. After all, half the class is
snoring by the time our one hour period is done!

The bell drowned out her voice as 31 students bolted for the

“Don’t forget your homework! Page 348, numbers 1 through 50
ALL!,” Her voice ringed out with an annoyed edge to it before going back to her
usual robotic tone.

I was putting my calculus textbook away when I felt a tap on
my shoulder; I didn’t need to turn to know who it was. I whipped around and met
Josh’s bright green eyes.

“What’s that smile on your face?”

“Nothing,” he smiled again”

“Did you…. ace your chemistry test or maybe you got Lizzy
Mack to fall for you for the millionth time,” I rolled my eyes and drew out my American
government and law book from my locker.

He snickered, “What you jea-lous?” The last two syllables
were unbelievably annoying as he dragged them out.

“No,” I replied firmly, “I’m just concerned that she starts
believing you like her back and that when the time comes, you’ll break another
one of your ‘fan-girl’s hearts” I went back to studying an intricate little ant
crawling up the side of my locker door. I took particular interest in its

He sighed and leaned against the locker next mine, “I don’t
get you sometimes..”

“HA, funny” I couldn’t help but crack up, “that’s what you
said 7 years ago too” I grinned at him, “But no in all honesty, you sure you aren’t the one jealous that I’m all
over Taylor Jamison?”

He groaned, “You mean Mr.Sexyeverythingwhoalwaysmakesmemelt?
The “perfect” blonde hair with those “perfect” lips that you dream of making
out with?”

I glared at him through slitted eyes. He flashed me an
innocent smile back which I have to admit is cute.

I punched him in the arm again, same spot as earlier today.

“Ouch! What was that for?,” I watched him rub his arm
profusely until he looked up. His inability to hide his twinge of shock was

“Not so much of a tough guy now, are you?,” I snickered as he
groaned and leaned back on the locker again.

We both laughed then and I couldn’t ignore the slight tug in
my chest I felt as I looked into his face.

Silly Joshy… 

I wrote this out of pure boredom while procrastinating from an English essay xD

Mmmm, well if you guys want me to continue ahah I'll look forward to hearing your feedback~!
I have a slight obsession with writing light romances ovo *totally did not write them for school short stories nope*

xD Enjoy~! If I get into writing too much I might as well make another account, lawl, that is depending on how much you guys like this stuff c; :meow:

And LOL this can so be described as 'cliche' most definitely, please keep in mind I did no planning out whatsoever xD

But I have to admit, writing things even like this will definitely help in the long run once I start writing/drawing my graphic novels :3 Which I AM planning out haha~! everything from concept sketches to the plot and settings ahah, now those I promise will be my absolute best work and I hope will not disappoint you for the wait :D
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